Cleaver Sheriff Star

A sheriff star for the town of Cleaver


It gives the wearer some social protection inside the Orchard.

The residents view the wearer has their man on the outside, when that is needed. Therefor he is protected a bit.

This of course does not apply to the Dumb Dead.

The star is also used as a key or pass card into certain locales and events inside the Orchard among other dimensions and planes of reality.

It also grants the wearer some protection from supernatural attacks (any power).

They receive a +2 to either their toughness or roll to resist the effects of a power.

A blood pack can be sworn over the item by any number of people, to guard the Pillar and keep it standing. Those who do this can feel the items location with a successful Spirit check. They can also sense when the wearer is wounded.

This Blood Pack can also become a curse to those who disobey their oath to guard the Orchard from discovery and keep the Pillar standing.


The star was forged from a small piece of Excalibur in the days of Magic and Chaos.

It was forged alongside 4 other pieces that do pretty much the same thing.

They are the marks of the Pillars of Heaven’s Gate Keepers.

The item will not work for someone who did not inherit it or earned it.

Cleaver Sheriff Star

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