Injun Tom

Indian Bounty Hunter



  • Height: 5’7”
  • Weight: 175 lbs
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Black
  • Skin: Indian
  • Agility: d8
  • Smarts: d8
  • Spirit: d6
  • Strength: d4
  • Vigor: d6
  • Charisma – 0
  • Pace – 6
  • Parry – 6
  • Toughness – 5
  • Fighting – d8
  • Shooting – d8
  • Riding – d4
  • Notice – d8
  • Tracking – d6
  • Survival – d4
  • Notice – d6
  • Vow (Modified Old Ways)
  • Outsider (Indian)
  • Vengeful (Minor, Only takes bounties on white devils)
  • Quick
  • Two Fisted
  • Dual Colt Peacemakers (Up close)
  • Winchester ‘76 (Long Range)


Of Spokane Indian descent, Injun Tom (the name he adopted because Tom is the closest white devil name he ever came across to the first part of his own title… and well, he can’t really escape the Injun part either), has made his recent living as a bounty hunter. He goes from town to town tracking down whoever needs tracking down and cashing in the rewards as he can. Although anathema to society when he arrives in town he has earned some small modicum of respect from those that he deals with for not belaboring points, effectiveness and an uncanny knack for finding people that most of the white folk attribute to his “Injun ways.” While never reaching the fame that he would have if Injun Tom had been a white devil his natural intellect and agility have aided him in becoming one of the more well known minority bounty hunters that roam the western frontiers.

While a believer in the “Old Ways” Injun Tom learned at the beginning of his bounty hunting career that the trusted bow and arrow just doesn’t bring a mark in like the firepower of the white devils. He even tried to maintain hunting with the bow for a while, but this eventually fell to technology as well. He still believes in the folklore and the traditions of his people and tries his best to make them still apply to the life that he has become a part of.

When he was a young brave he fought some of the land advances of many gold hungry prospectors that had came up empty in the California Gold Rush and pushed up the west coast looking for more. The band he was a part of gained much respect from his tribe for many successes in driving many of the people off. There was one member of his band that was swayed by one of the white devils and convinced him to lead the warrior band into a trap that would allow everyone of his tribe to think all died and allow him an “easy” transition into white society. Amongst the bloodshed Injun Tom figured it out, killed the traitor and was able to escape to warn the tribe. He was not believed at all because he had been slipped some of the white devil’s money as a part of the setup just in case someone tried to escape. No matter how much Injun Tom pleaded his words were useless and he was exiled. His prior name was revoked and he was given the title Tum-Se-Ne-Ho, or “The man who has no blood”, to solidify his exile.

This broke Injun Tom’s heart, but there was nothing that he could do so he left. He survived on the things that he had learned growing up and turned them into the only thing he thought that he could do for a job: tracking down white devils to kill or bring back to serve for their crime. This is the only way he believes will ever start to fill the hole left by the other white devils. If he can’t punish the ones that wronged him, he will punish all the ones he is able to that wronged other people.

His experiences have taught him to be tight with his words and he tends to only speak up in a large group when asked his opinion directly or he knows that without his intervention he will likely be put into danger. He is distrustful of all white devils but has been known to work with some that have proven to keep to their word to the same degree that he does. His tightness with words is tied directly to his past and thinking that no matter how convincing his argument the other people won’t believe him just like the people of his tribe didn’t believe him when it really mattered.

In his early days back in the area of the North West territories when he had not worked enough to be able to get significantly far away from his homeland he often ran into people that he knew, and it caused him much pain because he could not interact with him. Since his side of the story was never given to anyone except the elders (because he had to inform them first to protect the village) no one believed him.

In more recent years he has been trying to find a way to get back into the good graces of his tribe, because he is tired of the constant alone feeling that he carries with him. At the current time he has been able to think of nothing that would be sufficient to replace the shame that was placed on him. He finds himself taking jobs that cause him to go towards his old home in the off chance that he will see someone that he knows and they will see that he is doing honorable things. He not only does the bounty hunting but has also established ties with various other Indian tribes in their raids against or defenses from the white man. Many of the Sioux and Coyote Confederacy are wary to deal with him more for his affinity for the white devil’s weapons than his affiliation with another tribe (even though he does not have another tribe anymore).

This has been the focus of his time in the last two or three years, he thinks he might be able to be assimilated into a tribe if he shows his worth through service. Different tribes use him for different things but he is generally just other fighter for their cause. They are weary of him because of the choice of using technology, but they cannot argue with the results they have gotten. He never forgets where he came from, however, and still longs to be with those he is related to. But he realizes that he might never be able to go home again and a new home is better than no home.


“How.” -Injun Tom

Injun Tom

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