This is a campaign set in the “old west.”

This is not the “old west” of fact, but it is instead the “old west” of legend and movies. We are not even talking about good films or cinema. p. I am talking about grade A Italian spaghetti.

This “old west” is also a little different from the typical spaghetti western.

It is touched by darkness, the supernatural.

I know it has already been done.

Heck, it has already been done in this system. p. Unlike that setting this one is not overflowing with the creepies. p. It is, as stated above, just touched, and this touch of the unnatural is located in a very specific spot.

The Bone Orchard.

Just outside the town of Cleaver, in Cleaver County. p. North of the border, West of the East, and just West enough to be called “out west.”

The characters may all arrive in Cleaver for different reasons.

Their goals may be disparate and even contradictory but one thing is for certain: p. No one comes to Cleaver, plays in the Orchard, and leaves the same; IF they leave at all.

Tales from the Bone Orchard

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